Why Branding?

The essence of branding is to create distinction on at least three levels.

The first level of distinction is differentiation from fake/newbies in the market.  

The second level of distinction is differentiation from peers or other companies in the same categories.

The third level of distinction is differentiation by market classification.

Some firms will serve the high-end of the market, some will serve the middle-end, and some will serve the lower-end. A business, as part of it’s strategic focus, must identify, early, which market it wants to target. It must also understand the market.

Key Points

1. A business must be brand focused. It must understand the principles of strategic branding to deliver on business productivity.

2. A business must understand business principles.

3. A quantifiable metric system must be developed for customer/client delivery.

4. A business must anticipate trends, and not just follow trends. It must re-invent itself to meet the challenges of the future.



The promise of a brand

There are three types of promises:

Problem Solving Promise: You must be able to solve a problem as a brand. Your Brand must solve a specific problem. For example, our pain killer can stop pain fast – within 30 minutes. You must make sure that you deliver this promise to avoid negative reviews by customers.

Quality Promise: Quality is intrinsic. What is your quality promise of your product or service? What is your minimum standard that Customers should expect? What are you able to deliver consistently? what are you able to stake your reputation against?

Declared Promise: What are you able to declare about your company. what expectations are you able to create and deliver on. Your Brand should convey a benefit that separates you from the crowd that is authentic and credible.