Tips for Business you Can Online

Starting an online business may prove to be one of the more lucrative businesses. As long as you have internet, a computer or smart device the possibilities are endless. Here are some good options:

Online surveys: Many companies, brands, non-profit, Pharmaceuticals and researchers are always looking for help on what the consumer wants or thinks. You will get paid for the time you put into answering a some questions, in exchange for your opinion.

Teach Online: You can provide much needed additional instruction to kids.

Use Freelance Opportunities: If you are a designer, editor, copy writer, web developer etc., you can make money online by signing up on websites specifically created for freelancer. Examples of such sites include Upwork, freelancer and FIVERR.

Become an Affiliate: If you love to review products, then affiliate marketing may work for you. Businesses may be willing to pay you money if you refer customers to their sites.

Start an eCommerce store: You can open a store online and sell anything from electronics, nutritional, seasonal and all types of products online. Make sure you have great product descriptions and ship on time so your customers get their purchases on time.


What knowledge is required to start a business is a questions most new startups ask themselves when starting a business. Here are 5 Tips to help you.

1.Sales and marketing

This requires knowing who your competitors are and how your product or services stack up. Who is your target market? You need to know a lot about Business operations like filling orders, inventory management, and customer service.

2. Book-keeping/Accounting

As business owner, you must be prepared to keep accounting books. The financial responsibilities in most cased begin before you open your business. A business owner must be able to do profit & loss projection; forecast cash-flow. and financial analysis.

3. Planning

As a Business owner, you need to make a realistic business plan. The plan needs to consider competitive analysis and Market research. It would be advisable to do a SWOT analysis to determine the viability of the Business.

4. Communication

Having an effective communications strategy is an essential skill in business. What is your communication strategy for cultivating employees, and attracting customers? How do you plan to communicate the viability of the business to investors and the media?

5. Customer Service Skills

As a business owner, you need to make time out to always be there for your customer, regardless of whether they have a complaint or compliment. This means you see each customer as a chance to do better and grow in your business.